Driftwood is a webcomic about magic and a small seaside town.

About the story

Although magic is something that the witch community tries to hide from the rest of the world, the residents of Driftwood, a small seaside town, know that something strange lives out there – in the trees, in the fog, in the sea foam.

Caelus Estrella is a witch who has never really thought much of what a witch should be doing. She’s traveled from place to place, looking for something exciting. For some purpose. Caelus might not be your typical witch – she’ll tell anyone and everyone magic is real but that’s because she believes in this simple truth: magic can be just as helpful as it is dangerous, so who do people turn to when things get strange and they don’t know why? She hopes that her supernatural agency will be there to help when that happens.


Keep checking back for more details.


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